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FOCUS GROUPSQualitative Research Consumer Centers for NY & NJ Meadowlands

Focus groups are small, interactive, guided discussions that are led by an experienced moderator and usually consist of six to ten participants who have been invited to share their opinions in an engaging environment. Often lasting between 1 ½ to 2 hours, focus groups are frequently conducted in a conference room setting with the capability to view through a one-way mirror. Consumer Centers offers other layouts, such as living room and classroom configurations, that may be more appropriate for generating insights on a particular topic. Stringent recruiting ensures that the right respondents are sitting around the table. Consumer Centers also offers the option to conduct online focus groups.


Consumer Centers of New York and New Jersey is the ultimate qualitative experience for all of your Trial Consulting needs. New York Consumer Center, in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, located on Club Row next to the NY Bar Association, offers the largest viewing and conference rooms with unobstructed views in NYC. Overlaying our 35 years of recruiting excellence and our extensive experience in mock trial processes and procedures, insures that your legal research will be seamless..


Consumer Centers Interactive offers interactive audience response handheld devices to capture and tabulate responses in real time.  Instantly view results in easy to understand format for in-depth discussion and analysis.


Small, intimate groups of two or three as well as individual, one-on-one interviews are often employed when there is a need to deeply dive into a topic or experience that may be sensitive in nature where it is believed that people would feel uncomfortable exploring their thoughts and feelings in a larger group setting. This format is also employed when insights are sought from a small, often hard to reach segment such as C-suite, physician specialists or IT executives.


Does a website provide easy access to desired information? Is customer interaction with your product a chore or a pleasure? Do you engage or dissuade potential customers by website navigation or product design? By using Consumer Centers Usability Lab, you can observe research participants and evaluate how they interact with your website or product. The result? Enhanced customer engagement and loyalty to your company and products.


Consumer Centers Eye Tracking offers a unique look into respondents’ unaided
and actual reactions to visual stimuli. Whether evaluating websites, advertising, packaging or displays, Consumer Centers Eye Tracking captures and analyzes reactions using the latest eye-tracking technology with no more clumsy headsets.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT and Home Use Testing

Perhaps you have a new product, a line extension or new technology that you would like consumers to try. Consumer Centers can recruit respondents to your exacting requirements, place your product, disseminate and collect diaries and, if you would like, conduct follow up interviews.


Whether it is online chats, surveys, panels, bulletin boards or communities, Consumer Centers can handle it all.


Utilized to examine actual shopping behavior during shopping, shop-alongs can provide deep insights about customer/brand interactions, behavior during the shopping process and the customer journey.

ETHNOGRAPHY and In-Context

Sometimes the best method to uncover insights is in-context. Ethnographic research consists of observation combined with a guided discussion. Most often conducted in a respondent’s home, ethnographies can also be conducted in other environments such as an office setting, bar or sports venue depending upon the topic and research objectives.


Sometimes there is a desire to understand how your brand is represented and displayed in a retail context on an ad hoc basis. Mystery Shoppers can assist in conducting a visual store audit and engage employees.


Consumer Centers’ Fielding Services has extensive, varied experience in sourcing, coordinating and facilitating market research across the U.S. and virtually anywhere in the world..  As part of this service, we can supply consolidated administrative functions and financial reporting including bid solicitation, pricing negotiations, recommendations and overseeing of facilities, writing of screeners, preparing timely project updates across all markets and management of the billing process. With our help, you can save countless hours (sometimes days) and concentrate on your end client while working towards the goal of your research.

LOCAL RECRUITING and National Recruiting

Qualitative research insights are only as robust as the respondents upon whom the insights rely. Our meticulous, multi-tiered, stringent recruiting and rigorous verification protocols that incorporate the latest technology ensure that every project exceeds your and your clients’ expectations.

Our recruiters average over 14 years of experience, with ongoing in-depth training to handle the most challenging projects from specialized client lists, hard-to-reach executives, medical and low incidence groups. All recruiting is done on-premises and carefully supervised and validated so that the respondents you want are the respondents you get whether locally or nationally.

CONSULTING and Moderating

Our mission is to enhance our clients’ product offerings, branding, positioning and communications by using innovative and thought-provoking marketing research. By Unlocking the inner voice of the customer™, we have helped businesses across a wide range of markets generate breakthrough ideas, keeping them ahead of the ever-changing demands of the global marketplace.


New York Consumer Center: The ultimate qualitative experience in the heart of Manhattan. Our five spacious suites are designed for flexibility—from a jumbo suite that seats 65+, perfect for large studies or mock juries, to our living room set-up, ideal for smaller groups or IDIs.

Meadowlands Consumer Center: Close to major highways and minutes from NYC and Newark International Airports. We offer a spacious conference room with jumbo closed circuit viewing.

CREATIVITY CENTER and Home Away from Home

Consumer Centers offers an innovative and flexible space where clients and respondents can freely express themselves out of the confines of a traditional conference room setting. Respondents are given access to games, tactile stimuli and mood-altering music and lighting to generate new ideas and emotional linkages. Our Home Away from Home service offers unique environments to meet your unique needs.


Looking for just the right meeting space? We have what you need. Whether it is corporate, informational, entertainment or candidate employee remote interviewing, we have the large and flexible spaces to fit any requirement. All meeting environments are flexible and fluid with configuration possibilities that include traditional board room, creativity settings, observational training and classroom layouts. Consumer Centers of New York and New Jersey offers video conferencing, multi-media options, gourmet catering, transportation, the latest technologies and professional staffing to insure your meeting is seamless. And all at prices far below the standard hotel and business conference locations.


Don’t see what you need? Just ask. Our service offerings are constantly evolving to take advantage of new methodologies and meet the ever changing needs of the research community.