Local & National Recruiting

Engaging Respondents
Where they want • When they want • How they want

At the heart of every great research project is exceptional recruiting. Our meticulous, multi-tiered, stringent recruiting, and rigorous verification protocols ensure that every project exceeds your and your clients’ expectations.

Our standards and recruiting methodologies are grounded in industry best practices, code of conduct and ethical standards and reflect our commitment to the international market research industry and our research participants.

Our core values are based on the belief that exemplary service and innovation do not just happen by accident but instead through the hard work and dedication of every employee. To this end, we have amassed an incredible, close-knit, team with an average of fifteen years of experience who understand the nuances of the recruiting process, are innovative in their methods to obtain hard-to-reach populations and proactively offer suggestions to optimize any assignment.

Our recruiters are engaging and resourceful, knowing how to reach out to potential respondents on a personal level. They can handle even the most challenging recruits anywhere in the country, whether it’s hard to reach executives, low incidence medical groups, or client lists. Tough designs, complex algorithms, large quotas, or populating your online panels are no problem.

Our database technology is second to none, enabling us to keep a fresh supply of respondents coming while stopping potential cheaters and repeaters.

So whether your recruitment needs are national or local, we have the bandwidth that is critical for success.

Rigorous Confidentiality and Security
Meticulous Multi-tiered, Verified Recruiting


Field Management

Reaching Respondents

Where they want • When they want • How they want

Often you are taking your marketing research on the road, whether face-to-face or virtually. But how do you seamlessly put all the pieces into place and still concentrate on addressing the hypotheses and answering the inquiries that are your clients’ top priority?

Consumer Centers’ fielding services consolidate the administrative functions and financial reporting for multi-market projects nationally and locally. With our rigorous protocol and depth and breadth of experience in sourcing, coordinating, reporting, and facilitating market research across the USA, you can concentrate on your clients and what you do best.

With our multi-tiered offering, you can pick the level of service that best fits your needs. Whether you require comprehensive, full-service support, or a la carte services, we are here to help. Just let us know what you need. Services include:

  • Site identification including bid solicitation and review
  • Screener composition
  • On-site requirements
  • Virtual requirements – Scheduling, streaming and IT support
  • Transcription
  • Shipping
  • Transportation
  • Invoicing

We take immense pride in what we offer and that our clients view us as a trusted partner – a partner that not only effectively executes their assignments but also offers design and recruiting advice.

So whether your needs are full service or a la carte, we are happy to adapt to your needs.