High-tech tools for data capture and analysis

Technology has revolutionized marketing research to the point that it is now indispensable. Consumer Centers of New York and New Jersey puts the latest proven technologies at your fingertips.

Eye Tracking
Consumer Centers Eye Tracking offers a unique look into respondents’ unaided
and actual reactions to visual stimuli. Whether evaluating websites, advertising, packaging or displays, Consumer Centers Eye Tracking captures and analyzes reactions using the latest eye tracking technology. No more clumsy headsets.

Usability Labs
Does a website provide easy access to desired information? Is using your interactive product a chore or a pleasure? By using Consumer Centers Usability Lab, you can observe research participants and evaluate how they interact with your website or product.

Audience Response
Consumer Centers offers interactive audience response handheld devices to capture and tabulate responses in real time. Instantly view results in easy to understand format for in-depth discussion and analysis.

Simultaneous Translation
If you have clients who speak a foreign language or if your sessions are being conducted in a different language, we can provide real-time translation. We can also provide a listening center for your viewers.

FocusVision VideoConferencing
Live video transmission of focus groups directly to client video conferencing rooms.

FocusVision VideoStreaming
Live video transmission of focus groups over the Internet. View projects anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Use CD-ROM digital recording format to view projects on your own PC.

Active Group
ActiveGroup broadcasts your qualitative research sessions so you and your colleagues have access to live and on-demand viewing over the Internet.

Consumer Centers of New York and New Jersey offers a variety of professional transcription services to meet the unique needs of your research study. Choices include:

  • Real time or quick turn
  • Verbatim or notes
  • Integrated transcripts
  • Edited summary

Recording Capabilities

  • Digital audio
  • Flash drive
  • MP3
  • Archiving of audio files and access via secure portal
  • Traditional and digital audio and video recording methods


  • Multiple T1 lines to insure lightning-fast connections
  • WI-FI and hardwired Internet access
  • Dedicated client computer workstations