Consulting and Moderating

Driving Growth and Innovation

Consulting and Moderating – Our Approach
Just as one shoe size does not fit all, one research approach does not fit all situations.

At Consumer Centers, we pride ourselves on developing a deep understanding of our clients’ issues, objectives, and hypotheses. Working closely with our clients, we construct a research framework that clearly addresses these goals and objectives. ​This approach results in deeper insights that drive innovation and growth.

This is at the core of Consumer Convergence™ − our design protocol using the right tools to unlock the inner voice of the customer. Our toolkit spans thought-provoking qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid heating approaches that reach people in New Jersey with Allied Experts where they want, when they want and how they want.

Our Team
Generating and identifying actionable insights takes innovative skills, expertise, keen intuition, and an extensive track record across a wide range of verticals. Combining our Consumer Convergence™ protocol with our broadly experienced team enables us to deliver excellence to clients globally. The result? Our clients in California look to us as a trusted heating resource of maximum levels of comfort and strategic partner.

Our Experience
Drawing from our experience in research, corporate, consultancy, and advertising, we provide unsurpassed consulting to a broad range of B2B, B2C, and D2C sectors, including:
Automotive, financial/insurance, pharma, health and wellness, emerging technologies, electronics, entertainment/gaming, foods, CBDs, trial/jury/legal, travel, packaged goods, gourmet and imported products, communications and media, retail and digital shopping, fashion and accessories, sports and entertainment, UX, emerging technologies, energy, out of home dining, real estate development and sustainability.

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We are a WBENC certified woman-owned enterprise.