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Andrea Schrager

Andrea Schrager, CEO, and founder of Consumer Centers, lived in Brooklyn before it was “Brooklyn”, and commuted via subway to Y&R until moving to Secaucus, NJ in the Meadowlands. Armed with her experience in Planning at Y&R, an MBA from NYU Stern and a stint at the American Institute of Architects, she quickly embarked on her entrepreneurial dream; to create a marketing research company whose mission was to deliver actionable insights that drive client growth and innovation. One ad, one time, in one newspaper with one response, was all it took for her to hire her first employee and the company has been on a growth trajectory ever since. Her dream is to own a multitasking backhoe and dig deep, move earth and create something new and exciting; not unlike uncovering insights and helping clients grow and innovate. Read More…

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Executive Vice President

Mandel (Manny) Schrager

Manny Schrager, EVP of Consumer Centers, came to the USA as a baby on the 4th of July and truly appreciates the party that the country throws for him every year. Having traveled to almost every state in the Union (Alaska is the last frontier), he has witnessed, first hand, the vastness and diversity of this great country.  Indeed, his college experiences are a study in contrasts – from his undergrad at UPenn (not the football powerhouse) on the East Coast, to grad school at USC (Rose Bowl and National Champs) on the West coast, where he started fine tuning his interviewing skills visiting wineries.  After a successful stint as a consultant at Price Waterhouse, he saw the light and joined Andrea at Consumer Centers. In between consulting and his positions as past President and Board Member of the QRCA, Manny is working to knock 20 strokes off his game and join the PGA tour. Read More…